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Radio advertising that means business!

Radio isn’t the first place to look for advertising, but more often than not, it’s the last place to go, but why?

Easy! Becasue radio advertising is effective! …and with Happy Hits Radio, you could give it a spin without breaking the bank.

Firstly, why Happy Hits? Who are we? Well, we’re the people behind the UK’s original 00’s Radio Station & the first Ten’s Station, and have evolved all of our stations into 1, Happy Hits Radio.

To start on the next steps of your business growth journey and/or advertising campaign, you can simply email [email protected] and start a conversation. Our media experts will get to understand your goals and are here to help you to achieve your goals. Our advertising offering across our brand and our partners, means we don’t just stop at radio advertising, we help with every corner of your businesses growth.

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